Sustainable Technologies

Sandele has always been focused on using the most appropriate technologies in order to create as small and natural a footprint as possible. As such, we are in the planning stages of The Sandele Appropriate Technology Exhibition Centre to showcase the sustainability possible when renewable technologies and tourism are combined. In addition, the Centre will promote the use of simple technologies which benefit local communities.

An underground cooling room that reduces the quantity of electricity required for refrigeration has been built. An outside kitchen with 'rocket stove technology' that uses minimal amounts of wood (90% less than the 'three stone' cooking fire) and a bio digester to produce 'organic' gas for cooking is planned.

Natural ventilation systems are used to keep the buildings cool and renewable energy techniques are used in almost all areas. Being by the sea, Sandele can be a pretty windy place so the use of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity is supplemented by the use of two small wind turbines. The demand for electricity will also be minimized by the use of LEDs (as they become financially viable).

Sandele has hosted the construction of a ‘proof of concept’ Solar Fruit Dryer that bristles with renewable energy techniques and sets a new standard for fruit drying. It is anticipated that each dryer, when commercially available, will enable the employment of up to 20 people.