Sandele Showcase

Onsite at Sandele you will find a showcase of products by local craftspeople that were developed especially for Sandele. Local jewellers, fabric makers, and other crafts people have come together to develop their products in conjunction with a British couple – both of whom have design skills. Working closely with the craft producers it has been possible for the producers to make small changes to their work that make it more appealing to European taste.

The Showcase is an example of how fixed prices, interpretation of the products, the separation of production from selling and no hassle leads to more sales at a good price (we take no commission so 100% of the income goes to the producer).


Guaranteed Gambian

The Sandele Showcase initiative attracted the interest of the Travel Foundation (a British tourism charity that funds the development of tourism in various countries) resulting in the creation of a new commercial brand outlet for Gambian craft producers - Guaranteed Gambian.

Producers from other regions of The Gambia attended meetings and workshops at Sandele to engage with the concept of producing high quality craft goods designed to appeal to the western market that are Guaranteed - made in Gambia, by Gambians with sustainable materials and ethical working practices.

You can now buy Guaranteed Gambian goods in other Gambian Hotels. Ask staff for a leaflet for more details.