Sandele Foundation

The Sandele Foundation exists to provide opportunities for local Gambians and local development. The Foundation is the link between Sandele Eco-Retreat, the village of Kartong and other relevant projects – including the planned Sandele Appropriate Technology Exhibition Centre.

A major focus of the Foundation’s work relates to our Learning Programmes. A portion of funds from external participants attending Learning Programmes at Sandele supports the participation of Gambians on the same or relevant courses.

Successful examples of external commitment include Ardingly College, an English Public School based in West Sussex. Each year a cohort of students come to Sandele and spend two weeks teaching their younger Gambian peers. As well as teaching simple science subjects, the Ardingly students raise money that is spent on school developments. In the last few years Ardingly has painted the school inside and out, has built a two metre wall around the school, upgraded the schools’ solar electricity system and helped to build a stage in the school grounds.

A similar relationship exists with the University of Brighton School of Service Management. Students come to Sandele, work alongside Gambian counterparts and undertake research into the national and local tourism market. Their compassion and commitment has moved them to support several Kartong tourism initiatives.

Guests at Sandele can also work with the village of Kartong in various ways.