Getting Involved


You can work with the Sandele Foundation and assist the village in a number of ways:

    Village development: the village receives an annual donation based on the number of bed nights – including yours - sold at Sandele during each year. (The Village Development Committee puts forward its ideas to Geri and Maurice. If agreed they are implemented).

    Education: an Education Development Fund has been established as part of the Sandele Foundation’s activities. The remit of the Fund is broad and does not focus only on individual child sponsorship. The level of resources it is possible for the government to provide is very limited and occasionally a school leaver or adult requires support for a particular course or activity. You may have ideas about how education in the area could be further developed and donations to the Fund are often specifically targeted.

    Environmental conservation: the village has become more active in managing waste, minimising the use of plastic bags and promoting environmental awareness. You can assist this intitiative by buying a ‘Sandele For Ever’ bag (made by village women). For every bag you buy three ‘For Ever’ bags are given to village women so that they can reject the plastic bags offered by the shop keepers. Deforestation is also a major issue – stoves that use considerably less fuel are available and can be built locally with your financial support. If conservation is of particular interest to you ask Geri or Maurice or one of the staff for other activities that you might wish to support.

    Reforestation and tree planting: each summer – the rainy season – Sandele plants (with the help of our staff and village volunteers) thousands of trees at Sandele to demonstrate the importance of developing the bush environment that is so essential for maintaining the water table and for rainfall. Sandele is working with local schools by sponsoring tree planting competitions and working with the school Environmental Club in a number of ways. If you wish to visit the school, to pay for or to plant a tree let us know.

    Craft activities: with the help of some inspired volunteers (thanks Rupert and Lynne) the Sandele Showcase was set up. This has helped a number of Kartonkas (as the village people are called) to develop their products and to market and sell them. More importantly it has increased their productivity and earnings. Donations will assist individuals and groups to develop even better products and to train and employ other visitors.

    Musical and cultural activities: the village wishes to revitalise its musical and cultural traditions. We welcome volunteers to work with local artists to teach school children and adults the skills of drumming (and other traditional instruments) and African dance.