The Beach and Forest

Sandele is blessed with one of the finest beaches on the west coast of Africa. Miles of unspoiled golden sands stretch in both directions from the sea front at Sandele. All our accommodation is just metres from the sea and our staff will supply you with mattresses and loungers and can bring you drinks and snacks for that well deserved sun and sea session.

The bay at Sandele is fairly sheltered and the sea is usually calm enough for swimming almost every day of the year. Waves break from a fair way out providing good surf on the windier days. Body boards are available for your use.

So while we try to make sure there are plenty of activities for when you want to explore, we also know that sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing with a good book on a wonderful beach with just the calming sound of the sea for company.

The sandy beach is adjacent to the bush which is enriched with a variety of different tropical plants – we have labeled many of them. Some of the plants in the forest are used for African medicine. In addition, we have planted many trees and plants in the space of four years and are planning to plant more trees in the future. Ask staff for details if you are interested in planting some trees.